The simplest non-isochronous Euclidean rhythm, and thus the first one of interest to the xenrhythmist, this rhythm can highly resemble a waltz at slower tempi over a consistent background. It's first mode at higher tempos sounds like what is known as triplet feel swing/"triplet shuffle" in Western music. Keep in mind, however, that actual swing is a continuum of rhythmic timing, of which a triplet interpretation is but one possible point (albeit the one typically taught in Western music education)

Numerical Breakdown Edit

1 group of 2

1 group of 1

Whole Rhythm Maximum IOI: 600ms (1.6nps, 100BPM)

Largest Cell Maximum IOI: 900ms (1.1nps, 66.6BPM)

Variations Edit

Basic Rotations Edit

1 x x
2 x x

Modifications Edit

Due to this rhythm only having one large and one small group, any modification (altering one by a step) or permutation is equivalent to a rotation.

Examples Edit

Everywhere, probably.

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