The simplest non-isochronous Euclidean rhythm that fits into a power of 2, the domain of ubiquitous "common time" and strictly duple rhythmic divisions of Western classical theory. It is the general rhythmic framework of the Renaissance-era pavane, and at high speeds it is the familiar "gallop" rhythm of rock and heavy metal.

Numerical Breakdown Edit

1 group of 2

2 groups of 1

Whole Rhythm Maximum IOI: 450ms (2.2nps, 133.3BPM)

Largest Cell Maximum IOI: 900ms (1.1nps, 66.6BPM)

Variations Edit

Basic Rotations Edit

1 x
x x
2 x x x
3 x x x

Modifications Edit

A standard modification (altering one cell by a step) is equivalent to a rotation. No permutation is distinct from a modification either.

Examples Edit

Rotation 1 Edit

"Jacky" by Scott Walker

"Barracuda" by Heart

Rotation 2 Edit

"Raining Blood" by Slayer (section starting 0:43)

Rotation 3 Edit

"Freya" by The Sword (chorus + breakdown section at 2:47)