Polyrhythms are two or more independent rhythms which are played simultaneously against each other. There are various types of polyrhythms but the most typical are Just Intonation rhythms. Below is a gallery of all polyrhythms up to 13-limit. 

2-limit polyrhythmsEdit

2/1 Edit

Listen to it slow:
2 over 1 slow
Listen to it Fast:
2 over 1 fast

3-limit polyrhythmsEdit

3/2 ---------------- Edit

Listen to is slow:
3 over 2 slow
Listen to it fast:
3 over 2 fast

4/3 ----------------- Edit

5-limit polyrhythmsEdit

5/4 ----------------- Edit

6/5 ----------------- Edit

8/5 ----------------- Edit

7-limit polyrhythmsEdit

9-limit polyrhythmsEdit

11-limit polyrhythmsEdit

13-limit PolyrhythmsEdit

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